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Advocacy Advocacy

Celebrate diversity with SAL.

Help us to create change by SPEAKING inclusively, ACTING against discrimination and LEARNING from communities.

Celebrating Diversity Campaign

Celebrating Diversity

Sexual violence can affect anybody, yet all groups and communities often face barriers when seeking support or information. The truth is that we all need to work together to support all those who are affected and to safeguard those in our most vulnerable communities (LGBTQ+, people with physical/learning disabilities, autism, POC). That’s why we are encouraging people to join us in celebrating diversity, lifting each other and helping all communities to feel safe, heard, understood and loved.
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Inclusive & Digital Sex Education in Schools

We want to push for more inclusive sex and relationships education (RSE) to be taught in schools. This includes digital sex education; more sex and relationships education for LGBTQ+ young people and; more focus on healthy relationships and challenging damaging attitudes.
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This is not a crisis service. If you need urgent help or feel your life (or someone else’s life) is in danger please call 999.

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